Episode 10: MUMento

Episode 10: MUMento

This week The Space Cadets of Comedy™ try to recall what they know about memory.

You can’t remember EVERYTHING, but would you really want to even if you could? How about some appreciation for forgetting? Without that unsung hero of memory, consciousness would have a lot harder time knowing what is worth holding on to.

What makes the cut in each of our autobiographical memories? How is the brain deciding what makes the highlight reel? Memory might seem like a recorder, but it’s also the editor and the PR person. That can make recounting experiences and eyewitness testimony as deceptive as a magic show.

Listen to get some science history lessons from The SCC™ as we explore the most memorable neuroscience patients. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to advance science... all you really need is to get yourself some abnormal neural functioning, and spice that up with a heaping scoop of cognitive dissonance. It's so easy you might not even remember it happening no matter if it's happening again and again.

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