Episode 11: A Brief History of Human Fictions

Episode 11: A Brief History of Human Fictions

The Fictitious Fictional Fictions of Funny™ explore the way that imagination and storytelling have shaped human evolution.

This week Ramin reveals his latest impression as we pay tribute to author, historian, and YouTube neighbor Yuval Noah Harari.

We tend to think the objective realities such as accumulating resources and the use of tools have put humans at the top of the food chain, but those abilities aren’t exactly novel in the animal kingdom.  Perhaps what sets humans apart is our ability to communicate, organize, and cooperate around subjective realities.
No other species has built and destroyed entire civilizations over stories that are no more real or even entertaining as an average modern movie.

Objectively, what even is Mind Under Matter?  Is it the equipment we use to record?  Is it the YouTube Channel you can subscribe to?  Is it the server it is stored on?  Is it the podcast you can download on your favorite app?  Is it the internet that delivers it?  Is it Shane and/or Ramin?  Is it the editor Matt and/or producer Rhianna who are paid by your Patreon support?  Is it our website?  Is it the merch you could buy on the website?  OR is Mind Under Matter an agreed upon fiction that only exists in our collective imagination?  

Listen to an impression of someone else’s imagination to find out the true nature of reality!