Episode 12: Books Reports

Episode 12: Books Reports

This week The Semi-Semiliterate Boys of Comedy™ riff on some of their favorite books!

Think book clubs are boring?  Have you ever been to a book club where the ghost of Terrance McKenna makes a cameo for a good ole’ bro hang with mushrooms, kratom, DMT, crying, grunts, and The World’s Greatest Fake Dad??

New Ramin impression alert! Find out how realistic different aspects of science fiction are from the ideas popularized by theoretical physicist and futurist Machio Kaku! We’ll finally answer some of those nagging physics questions that keep us all up at night:  Is perpetual motion possible?  What is the future of invisibility? Is it possible that there is a multiverse where Jay Leno has a garage full of classic civilizations?

This episode is the first of a monthly public series where the SSBC™ will be taking suggestions from MUMtreon.  ​Shout out to Alex for this months topic!  If you like supporting ad-free content while getting an entire bonus series, game nights and more, head to patreon.com/mindunderpod where you can join the community and offer suggestions for topics that interest you.

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