Episode 13: Personality Tests

Episode 13: Personality Tests

The Guinea Pigs of Comedy™ take a personality test!

Shane and Ramin go through the Big 5 Personality Indicator questionnaire so you can hear how we rate on various traits. Along the way, we explore why the 'Big 5' uses extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism as the umbrella terms that all other traits fall under.

We chat about why most modern personality researchers abandoned the Myers-Briggs Test long ago. We also talk about the role of both evolution and environment in shaping the diversity of human personality and why there are pros and cons to rating higher or lower on a given trait. You’ll not only get to learn a lot more about who we are, but we hope you will find it illuminating in better understanding yourself as well.

We appreciate you being high enough in openness to listen/watch and neurotically hope you find this episode agreeable! Thanks to all the extraverts who spread the word about Mind Under Matter!

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