Episode 15: Free Will

Episode 15: Free Will

The Deterministic Choosers of Comedy™ contemplate free will.

Have we been stuck in an infinite loop since the beginning of time?  If we 
restarted the big bang would we still be here, in this very moment, 
questioning what would happen if we restarted the big bang?

What can identical twins tell us about genetic predispositions?  What 
aspects of your grandma’s prenatal environment might have influenced who you are today?

Why do humans even care so much about the idea of free will in the first 
place?  Why is the power to choose so important to us in some domains 
but other times we want to be surprised or have others choose?  Why do we paradoxically choose commitments such as love?

Join The DCC™ in our exploration of the prison of choice and be treated to some Terence McKenna and Tom Campbell impressions as well as stories of drugs, allergies, twins, and a lizard man!