Episode 3: Planet of the Indecisive Apes

Episode 3: Planet of the Indecisive Apes

The Sad Boys of Comedy Podcasting™ capture the moment they came up with the show title while discussing the evolution of depression.

Anxiety can keep us out of danger, but what utility might depression have? If it doesn’t have utility, why is it pervasive in so many species? If it is so bad for us, why hasn’t evolution gotten rid of it? If it’s good for us, why does it suck so much?

Sometimes other primates experience depression after losing a fight and that might keep them from making the same mistake. Sometimes the best strategy is to pause and reflect.

While Shane and Ramin are only three episodes in, it’s pretty obvious that Mind Under Matter is the podcast that will be the dawn of a new era. But what's the point of world domination anyway? Does all this incredible content that enriches people’s lives make a difference in the end? And if so, should two people even wield such great power? Even though rumination can feel like sinking, sometimes what might feel like heading toward the bottom is actually mining for gold.

(Non-Fungible Moment ALERT: In this episode the SBCP™ decide on the name Mind Under Matter and consider how indecisiveness can sometimes be an exploratory tool in the creative process. We recorded a ton of content and experimented for months before releasing the podcast for just this reason. It would have been a very different show if we would have committed to our first ideas released the show right away.)