Episode 30: Morbid Curiosities

Episode 30: Morbid Curiosities

The Slightly Morbid and Extremely Curious Boys of Comedy™ new costumes for a second Halloween episode.

This week, we talk about the psychology of horror.

Most life on earth tends to avoid scary situations.  So why are so many humans drawn toward horror movies, haunted houses, and other situations where we intentionally confront fear, violence, death and disgust for recreation?

To find out, The SMECBC™ take horror researcher, Coltan Scrivner’s, ‘Morbid Curiosity Scale’.

Would you like to see a head transplant?  How about watching Gladiators?  Would you enjoy interviewing serial killers?  Are you into Voodoo? 

We find out how morbidity is categorized, where we rate in the 4 dimensions, and maybe gain a new appreciation for horror.