Episode 33: Attitude of Gratitude

Episode 33: Attitude of Gratitude

The Thankful Boys of Comedy™ devote an episode to appreciating gratitude.

In the first half, we talk generally about gratitude.  We touch on some science of gratitude and positive psychology.  We explore using gratitude journals and accomplishment lists to alter our conscious experience.  Perhaps most importantly, we take time to appreciate the insane odds that any of us even find ourselves existing let alone having the great privilege of butchering some poorly remembered science abstracts for a fun podcast between two great friends.

In the second half, we start a gratitude scale to find out how we compare to the average person’s gratitude.  It proved to be a great way to discover where we might like to improve. Better yet, each survey question made for wonderful conversation starters and is easy for listeners to follow along and find out for themselves.

Normally this is the part where we insert calls to action and ask for things.  Instead, this week The TBC™ would just like to give thanks to you for all the interest and support we’ve gotten from all our incredible listeners.  Even if this just happens to be the very first thing of ours you’ve found, we are grateful that you were interested enough to read this.

Thank you!