Episode 42: Behavior's Past

Episode 42: Behavior's Past

This week the Interdisciplinary Boys of Comedy™ explore the interconnectedness of the many areas of research needed to understand the puzzling number of factors that lead to any single behavior.

How do we go about understanding even a simple behavior like deciding to listen to this podcast?

First, we would need to know what is going on in the brain moments before you hit play. Then we would need to consider the hormones floating around your neurological environment that made you inclined to download in response to the stimulus of a new podcast drop.  What was your day, week, month, year like that primed you for listening?

And this is just the very recent past!
What happened in childhood and even the prenatal environment that shaped your excellent taste in podcasts?  How has history shaped your culture and how does that influence your actions?  Finally, we look back through deep time at what selection pressures our ancestors faced to explore genetic predispositions toward entertainment like The IBC™.

14 billion years ago a big bang happened that would eventually lead you to The Mind Under Matter Podcast so don’t wait another moment!  On the chance that free will is a thing, we would be delighted if you would use yours to watch the latest episode on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast app today.