Episode 45: Erupting with Life

Episode 45: Erupting with Life

The Sexually Selected Valentines of Comedy™ release their second episode on mating behavior.

Last week we went through a bit of the early history of the scientific debates over the evolution of utility versus beauty.  This week we will go through some of the more recent theories about mating behavior to better understand the eruption of various behaviors that have both created and destroyed an uncountable number of species on earth.

We start with a dive underwater to see what odd strategies might arise when there AREN’T plenty of fish in the sea.  Things only get more beautifully bizarre from there.  Nature has a seemingly endless diversity of mating behaviors but are there some underlying patterns?

For example, giving gifts to mates has evolved over and over in multiple species, but you’d probably find some of those gifts to be very different than what you might imagine.

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