Episode 47: The Conspiracy Survey

Episode 47: The Conspiracy Survey

The Necromancers of Comedy™ use modern alchemy to determine how conspiratorial they are.

This week Shane and Ramin take the 15 question ‘Generic Conspiracist Beliefs Scale’

The scale breaks the score down into five facets:

  • Government Malfeasance: Belief in routine criminal conspiracy within governments
  • Malevolent Global Conspiracies: Belief that small, secret groups exert total control over global events
  • Control of Information (CI): Belief that unethical control and suppression of information by organizations
  • Extraterrestrial Cover-Up: Belief that information about aliens is being concealed from the public
  • Personal Well-being (PW): Concerns over personal health and liberty and the use of mind-control technology

It was such a fun conversation that we made two parts.

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