Episode 48: St. Paddy's NOT Patty's

Episode 48: St. Paddy's NOT Patty's

Shane and Ramin have TWO tremendous pieces of news.  Don’t miss this episode as it involves some plans you are going to want to make!

The Charmed Boys of Comedy™ are feeling The Luck of the Irish.

This week we chat about the history of St Paddy’s Day.  We talk about Shane’s Irish ancestry, potato famines, and early American immigrants.  After doing Origins of Halloween (ep 29), Christmas Origins (ep 36), and now exploring St Paddy’s Day as a respite from Lent, we are starting to notice a bit of a theme with the holidays, religions, and traditions during the coldest months.  We speculate on cultural evolution and why we may not need luck and ritual may be seasonal.

After going through some struggles at the end of winter, The CBC™ recently found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and are feeling festive.  We are sure you will too once you hear what is in store for the coMUMity.

After the show, head to https://mindunderpod.com/pages/festival to get more details about our upcoming event!