The Starstruck Boys of Comedy™ welcome the legend as their very first guest on the show.

It’s the last episode of the first season of Mind Under Matter and we wanted to go out with one of the last of a dying breed.

Doug Stanhope built a cult following as one of the most authentic, debaucherous, smartest, edgiest, funniest comics who has ever lived.  Well before podcasting and social media gave comedians more of a chance to take their career into their own hands,  Doug broke the mold.  He basically invented indie stand-up touring.  His DIY career paved the way for Shane and an entire generation of comics who wanted to think outside of the Hollywood model or traditional comedy club box.

His classic special Deadbeat Hero and brave book ‘Digging Up Mother’ are just a taste of his incredible openness that has made him a hero amongst comics, critics, and audiences.  Check out all his specials, books, and podcast at https://www.dougstanhope.com/

FYI, ‘No Refunds’ was the special taping where Shane was in the audience and laughed so hard that Doug had to stop the show.

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