Episode 52: Easter Egg Hunt

Episode 52: Easter Egg Hunt

The Literally Resurrecting Literal Bunnies of Literal Comedy™ literally spring from their literal nests to literally celebrate literal Easter.

After some fun updates about our MUF, we send you on an Easter egg hunt!  Check out Shane’s documentary ‘Psychonautics’ on Prime and find the hidden shot to win a free T-shirt.  The movie is also a good primer for next week’s Bicycle Day Episode!

We don’t know if JC literally rose from the dead, but there are entire species that metaphorically have.  As nature is blooming, we jump down a rabbit rabbit hole to see if rabbits disserve their reputation as are the symbol of fertility.  Did you know that one rabbit could potentially turn into 200 in a year?  Tune in to see how many rabbit facts we can pull out of our hats (ears).

Spring is here and The LRLBLC™ are prolifically planting seeds for this year’s harvest.

Head over to the MUM website to get info for the festival. While you are there, check out that MUMerch you could win for finding the Easter egg.