Episode 53: Bicycle Day

Episode 53: Bicycle Day

Come celebrate the discovery of LSD with The Kaleidoscopic Boys of Comedy™

On April 19th 79 years ago, Albert Hofmann had the first semi-intentional dose of Lysergic acid diethylamide. He then famously hopped on a bicycle, and the rest is dilated history. Since that bizarre day, it has changed the lives of countless people including Shane and Ramin’s. Oh yeah, it works!  But experiences vary.

Hear how The KBC’s™ experience with acid differs from mushrooms.  Despite such positive impacts on our lives, Shane has learned from his 'A Good Trip Tour' that not everyone has a good trip. We explore some of psychedelics' past and Shane unveils some entheogenic plans for the future.

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PS – Afterwards, you can watch Shane and Ramin tell some animated DMT stories on Comedy Central’s ‘Tale’s From The Trip’ and see Ramin in Shane’s documentary ‘Psychonautics’ on Amazon Prime.

If you want to see Shane’s final Head Talks show, it will only be at The MUM Campout Festival in Raleigh Sep 8-11. Sign up for more info on our website.

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