Episode 56: Campout Festival

Episode 56: Campout Festival

The Excited Boys of Comedy™ are officially launching The Mind Under Matter Campout Festival

Raleigh, NC

Sep 9-12 (Patreon Day on the 8th)

Lakeside Retreats (20 minutes from downtown)

Camping is included in the ticket, and if you don't like camping there are plenty of hotels and other accommodations nearby.  If you don't have your own gear, we can also help you arrange tents, glamping, RVs, and more.

This is the first-ever live Mind Under Matter event!

Comedy, Music, Live Podcasts, Art, Science Talks, Book Signings, Mysticism, Nature,  Community, Silliness, Games, Camping and more

There are only 222 tickets available in total so get them ASAP!