Episode 59: Fun By Nature

Episode 59: Fun By Nature

The World Building Boys of Comedy™ are finalizing the plans for the physical manifestation of Mind Under Matter at their Campout Festival.

Shane went to a second and final event at Lake Side Retreats in Raleigh.  This one was produced by Life Is Art Productions (who is also doing our campout festival).  He was blown away.

All previous concerns have been replaced with excitement and dreams.  Shane has even decided to move to Raleigh to build a MUM world over the summer.

We had to do one final update episode to finalize the plan and now everything is ready to launch.

We reflect on how year one started with us building the podcast in real-time and now in season two, people will get to see us build this one-of-a-kind event.

Come and see the physical manifestation of Mind Under Matter and hang out with The WBBC™, the team, and all the other MUMies September 9 thru 11.  The 8th will be Patreon Day where the OG supporters of the show will get to have a more intimate experience.  The first 222 ticket buyers will be a part of the Too Easy 222 will have a token of their MUMbership in a special club.