Episode 61: How We Roll

Episode 61: How We Roll

What does your car say about you?

The Inclusive Biological Fitness Flaunting Boys of Comedy™ make it rain conspicuous consumption knowledge and fancy science vernacular.

This week we discuss how organisms use costly and sometimes deceptive displays to advertise their quality to potential predators, prey, family, peers, and mates.  This top shelf episode builds on some of our favorite lessons from past episodes to describe one of the ways in which we are driven to spend in ways that may seem irrational from the view of a utilitarian.

The peacock’s tail might have spurred some of these early insights into evolution, but it has nothing on human spending.

Tune in to hear The IBFFBC™ which cars might be signaling intelligence, openness, conscientious, extraversion, agreeableness, and/or neuroticism.

We also share news of a paleontologist we just booked for the MUM Campout Festival.

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