Episode 64: Philosophy of Music

Episode 64: Philosophy of Music

This week The Music Discovering Boys Of Comedy™ discuss musical philosophy and introduce you to the sweet sounds of Desert Honey.

With help from the book ‘The Music Lesson' by Victor Wooten, Ramin breaks down groove, notes, articulation/duration, technique, emotion/feel, dynamics, rhythm/tempo, tone, phrasing, space/rest, and listening.

We close out the show by introducing you to Desert Honey with an interview with singers Sarah Slade and Jade Arrow!  Shane found this band when we first started putting together the idea for the Mind Under Matter Campout Festival.  They have the perfect style and vibe for a campout festival and with their serendipitous name, it was meant to be.  They just released their debut album ‘The Bard’s Vardo’ and we were blown away!  We are excited for our listeners to check them out and help spread the word for them!

Come see and meet Desert Honey along with a bunch of other bands, scientists, comedians, podcasters, entertainers and more at The Mind Under Matter Campout Festival at Lakeside Retreats in SE Raleigh Sep 9 thru 11.

What are some bands that you were excited to discover early in their career or hidden gems you want to spread the word about?  Add them to the comments below.

PS- The Instagram pages Shane was struggling to remember are @mathieux_davis and @eggs.tyrone

Here is a list of the other music acts booked so far:

Rebekah Todd
Unaka Prong
The Wright Ave
Slick Mahoney’s
Grace C. Elliot
Xylëm Phløem