Episode 7: Level Seven

Episode 7: Level Seven

This week The Existential Boys of Comedy™ will be your Sherpas as we descend into the abyss.

What happens when you just don’t want to exist anymore? Is that even an option? Can anything ever stop existing? Does life die or does it just eat itself? Is this even our body that we are in or are we just renting it?

There are no vacancies in nothingness, so have a seat at the something table as the EBC™ stick their necks out to consider the timeless philosophical puzzle: What happens if tomorrow you and everyone you know wake up as a giraffe?

Finally, we consider the beautiful tragedy that is Tetris and attempt to put all the pieces together before the end (if there is such a thing).

If you’ve listened to every episode so far, you have The High Score! If this is your first game, you might want to listen from episode 0 to build your skills and become a MUMaster.