Episode 8: "I Know a Crazy!"

Episode 8: "I Know a Crazy!"

The Middle-Aged Super Mature Grown-Up Men of Comedy™ celebrate Shane’s 41st birthday the only way they know how… by dissecting it tirelessly!

Shane metaphorically jumps out of his own birthday cake to share some birthday memories.
Pro-tip:  If you want to make a birthday memorable, get the police involved.

Being over the hill might remind some of mortality, but knowing you probably have to grind out another 40+ years of existence can drive a person insane.  Sometimes it feels like you’re aging like fine wine, other times life feels like an LSD trip that has gone on a bit too long.  Life is truly bizarre.

Wondering what to get a podcaster for their birthday?  Easy!!!  The same gift every podcaster wants… a thoughtful review of the show on your favorite app. 

Lastly, if the birthday boy can get a little sentimental in a typically goofy podcast description:  Finding an audience of people who get me in a world I don’t always get, makes me grateful to exist.

Thank you for listening to The MASMGUMC™!