Need Camping Rentals?


We have done some research and coordinated what we felt were the best options and secured some group rates to pass savings on to you.

We get no cut from this.  We just want to make things easier for people.

Feel free to look elsewhere or better yet, write on Discord and maybe someone will have a free tent for you to borrow.

All of these are limited in supply.  Once they are gone you will be on your own to figure it out.

Basic tents

The most affordable option.  Standard tents of different sizes in the area and with code MUM you will get 20% off.

They will also be on site to help you setup and take down if you need it.

They also plan to have some extra camping gear available if you realize there are other things you need.

Pro-tip:  Divide the tent capacity in half.  IMO a two-person tent is suitable for 1, a 4 person is suitable for 2, a 6 is suitable for three.

If I was renting a tent I would just get a 4 or 6 person tent for myself and have the extra space.  It’s hardly any more money and well worth it.


(VERY limited supply.)


We don’t have any kind of a deal with them, it’s just a search engine for RVs

We don’t have hook ups available so you will need a generator and have them fill the water tank before.

If we end up getting electric run to the camping fields before campout you won’t need a generator but that is TBD


Additionally, we are exploring allowing shipping to Lakeside retreats.

We will take a truck of things to donate afterwards if you end up wanting to leave a tent behind.

If you are exploring this option, it will need to be discussed and approved through email