Mind Under Matter Campout Festival 2022 Lineup


Rebekah Todd - Cosmic Soul Rock
Friday - 4:00pm
Based out of North Carolina, Rebekah and her band bring a fresh energy to each performance, which carries fans to a place that can only be described as transcendental and unforgettable. Pulling from a wide range of influences from Hiatus Kaiyote to Tedeschi Trucks Band, Todd focuses on the art of expression, above all else.
The Wright Ave - Psychedelic Funk
Saturday - 10:00pm
This quintet’s sound absolutely oozes on the listener, turning rooms into dance floors almost with the first note. Composed of a rhythm and lead guitar, bass, drums, and an eerie viola, the sound is uniquely their own. Born of their region, The Wright Ave., has a little bit for everyone- relatable imagery in their lyrics, 60s psych rock nodes, funk rhythms, shuffles, Appalachian strings, pounding beats, and well worked harmonies.
Unaka Prong - Jazz Fusion and Soul Rock
Friday - 10:00pm
Unaka Prong offers a fresh and memorable musical experience that many fans have described as a melding between prog rock groups like King Crimson, jazz funk groups like Soulive, and psychedelic jam rock groups like Phish. Combining odd meters, funky grooves, and earnest lyricism, their latest release, 'Kudzu', reflects the group honing in their songwriting with each stylistic direction.
Reliably Bad - Funk Pop
Saturday - 6:00pm
Specializing in composing innovative original tunes and arranging funk classics, the band is made up of vocals, sax, trumpet, trombone, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and drums.
Julia. - Funk
Sunday - 8:00pm
We are JULIA., and we're here to make you move. Our cause is intergalactic, traveling across the stars themselves aboard the sacred Mothership to bring you our purest funk concoctions - equal parts primal psychedelia, buttery beautiful soul, and greviously groovin riffs that'll make ya mama wanna get up and dance the night away. Guaranteed to bring the funk right to your face.
The Wilson Springs Hotel - High Energy Hybrid Bluegrass
Sunday - 10:00pm
The Wilson Springs Hotel are rooted in folk music and hail from all parts of Virginia; bringing country, folk and bluegrass together.
Duck - Funky Bluesy Jazz
Saturday - 2:00pm
Playin’ music that’ll make you dance. A little funky, bluesy, jazzy and dirty.
Slick Mahoneys - Electric Rock
Saturday - 4:00pm
Slick Mahoneys is a Sci-Fi Instrumental Electronic Rock Duo from Wilmington NC featuring Nick Gliarmis on Guitar & Drew Massey on Drums/Samples. This duo is creating it’s on brand of music and leaving crowds wanting more. Established in 2017 and four albums later, this group is constantly putting in the work. They are hitting the festival scene hard this year so be on the lookout and catch them when you can.
Desert Honey - Americana
Friday - 7:00pm
Originally from Arizona, sisters Jade Arrow and Sarah Slade formed Desert Honey in 2019 after moving to middle Tennessee. Debut album The Bard’s Vardo coming soon in 2022!
Sunday - 6:00pm
Phenomenal muscianship meets originality in a sonic melting pot.
Krispee Biscuits - Electronic Music Duo
Friday - 11:45pm
Krispee Biscuits is an eclectic electronic duo fresh out of Wilmington, North Carolina. Equipped with a classically trained violinist and a Future Funk bred DJ maestro, the two cultivate a sound rarely heard in any corner of the musical realm. The Biscuit boys cater to a broad range of audiences using their stylistic approach of set curation and genre bending, leaving a little something for everyone to enjoy.
Charlie Craichy - Multi-Genre Singer Songwriter
Sunday - 4:30pm
Inspired by the longing melodies of artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Gunderson, the lyrical prowess of the 70’s folk icons like Bob Dylan and James Taylor and the technical mastery of players like The Tallest Man on Earth, Craichy weaves this creative influence with his own stories of heartbreak and healing into a fine-tuned tapestry. Young or old, you are sure to hear something that resonates within you.
Grace.C.Elliot - Here’s a lil sound hug
Sunday 4:00pm
Grace produces her own music with her co-producer Tim Sorbs. Together they craft happy accidents and attempt to make sense of the dream state and this waking life through sound.
Anna Austin Park - Indie, Folk and Americana
Saturday - 12:30pm
Anna Park’s music is designed to take you to a familiar time and place, carefully crafting life experiences into songs that are deeply felt. Influenced by Regina Spector and The Grateful Dead, Anna’s voice shines brightly through creative guitar chords.
Braxy - Abstract Hip Hop
Saturday - 8:30pm
Braxy of the Masked Avengers brings a style of music constructed from his experience on this planet. A student of the musical realm since age 12. Drum set led to jazz, which led to punk rock, and then became infused with hip-hop somewhere along the way, pulsating curiosity with every word. With a head fluttering full of thoughts, Braxy paints the audible landscape with his spirit and melody. Stay tuned.
Xylem - multidimensional, instru-elemental, ineffable celestial, ålkhemical decibels
Saturday - 11:45pm
Donøvan is a multi instrumental producer, DJ and sound healer living in Raleigh NC. He fuses melodic bass with field recordings to transport listeners on an electro-earthy journey
Saturday - 8:00pm
ZACH SHERWIN is a Los Angeles-based comedian. His writing for the web series “Epic Rap Battles of History” has received numerous Emmy nominations and Streamy Awards, and the Epic Rap Battles in which he’s co-starred have amassed over half a billion YouTube views and an RIAA-certified Gold record. His own YouTube videos have been viewed many millions of times, and his other writing credits range from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (The CW) to MAD Magazine. As a performer, Zach has appeared on “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” (FX) and “The Pete Holmes Show” (TBS), both long cancelled, as well as “America’s Got Talent” (NBC), which seems like it’s doing great. He is the creator and host of The Crossword Show, in which a panel of comedians solves a crossword puzzle live onstage in front of an audience. In February 2022, he published his debut crossword puzzle in the New York Times.
Talent Booked By - Uncle Johns Bone
Music Production by - Life Is Art


Dan Ariely- Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University
What I Have Learned During Covid About Irrationality
Saturday - 7:00pm
Dan Ariely is the author of the three New York Times best sellers Predictably Irrational, The Upside of Irrationality, and The Honest Truth about Dishonesty.  His TED Talks have over 15 million views.  For the first time ever, he will be giving a talk with jazz accompaniment. Hear Dan on Episode 7 of Here We Are 
Herman Pontzer - Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology and Global Health at Duke University
Live Here We Are about The Evolution of Festivals
Saturday - 11:00am
Professor Pontzer will be on the live Here We Are Podcast with Shane Mauss and others discussing how things like music, dancing, rituals, celebrations, and festivals evolved through thousands of generations to become an integral part of human life.
Hear Herman on past Here We Are Episodes:
Episode 216
Episode 302
Episode 330
Episode 369
Steven Churchill - Professor in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke
Extinct Ancestral Cousins Fossil Display
Sunday - 3:00pm
Professor Churchill is a paleontologist who studies the fossil record of human evolution, especially that of early members of our genus (Homo) that lived between about two million to ten thousand years ago.  He was a part of two of the biggest archeological finds of the past decade and will share how they redefined what it means to be human.
Hear Steven on Here We Are Episode 385.
Jeff Larsen - Professor of Psychology at UT Knoxville
Cognitive illusions, biased beliefs, and the search for intellectual humility
Saturday - 1:00pm
All of us are illusioned and just as susceptible to intellectual arrogance as those we argue with on social media. Professor Larsen will chart a course for teasing apart intellectual humility from intellectual timidity.
Keith Markman - Associate Professor of Psychology at Ohio University College of Art and Sciences
The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories
Sunday - 11:30am
Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? A few of them turn out to be true, but most are outrageous and false. I'll discuss how aversive experiences of uncertainty - existential threats and feelings that one doesn't understand the causes of events that occur around them - lead people to use intuitive thinking styles that favor a sense of understanding over the careful deliberation of evidence.
Peter McGraw - A professor of marketing and psychology at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business
Festing Solo
Sunday - 5:00pm
Peter is not just a business professor who is always branching off into new areas of research.  He is the founder and Director of The Humor Research Lab and author of the books ‘Humor Code’ and ‘Schtick To Business’.  His recent projects Solo—The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life, The Solo Salon, and Single Insights: The Science of Solos have empowered singles around the country.  He will be doing a meetup and a podcast catering to the proud single and coming to the festival solo.

You can hear him on Here We Are on Episode 333 and Episode 384

Cole Marta - Co-Founder, Medical Director, and Clinician at The California Center for Psychedelic Therapy.
Psychedelic Therapy Q&A
Friday - 5:00pm
Cole was one of the first therapists on the MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD trials https://mdmaptsd.org that were approved by the FDA nearly a decade ago.  He now has one of the biggest clinics in California.  He will be answering questions about how he became a psychedelic-assisted therapist and ketamine therapy. You can hear him on Here We Are Episode 86 and Episode 389
Hillary Anger Elfenbein - Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior at Olin Business School at Washington University in St Louis
Emotional Intelligence: What is it and why does it matter?
Friday - 12:00pm
Professor Elfenbein will describe how we think our way into our emotions, and how this idea unlocks power to help us understand and influence other people. 
You can hear her onHere We Are Episode 390
Anne McLaughlin - Professor of Psychology at NC State
Altering Your Reality through the Science of Human Factors Psychology
Saturday - 3:00pm
Author of the book ‘All Too Human: Improving Our Relationship with Technology by Understanding the Mind’ will be talking about augmenting, diminishment, and sensation. New technologies are about to let us change reality. But should they?
Tara Behrend - Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Purdue University
Tara will be interviewing Anne and joining the discussion about individual and organizational reactions to technological innovations.
Meet the Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. Learn about public science projects on Monkey Health and the Skin Microbiome! Participate in research! What can monkey blood teach us about health? What does your earwax say about you? You are a world of microbes. How does your behavior change the microbes living on you? Randomly selected visitors will take home larger than life 3D printed microbes.


Friday - 9:00pm
Saturday - 11:00pm
Myq Kaplan has appeared on the Tonight Show, Conan, Letterman, James Corden, Seth Meyers, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, and America’s Got Talent. He has a one-hour standup special on Amazon, “Small, Dork, and Handsome,” and two podcasts, The Faucet and Broccoli and Ice Cream. His debut album, “Vegan Mind Meld,” was one of iTunes’ top 10 comedy albums of the year, and his newest album, “A.K.A.,” debuted at #1. The NY Times called it “invigoratingly funny” and included it among its five “coronavirus best new comedy specials”… “to remind you of the old normal.” And now, here we are in the new weird!
Saturday - 9:00pm
Ben Seidman does magic tricks. He appeared on the Netflix series Brainchild, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Vanderpump Rules, and two specials on Travel Channel. Seidman was the Resident Magician at Mandalay Bay, Resort & Casino in Las Vegas and he was a magic consultant for Criss Angel: Mindfreak, Jackass Forever, and Bad Grandpa.
Friday - 9:00pm
Los Angeles based comedian, Dave Waite is a charismatic oddball whose shows are non-stop fun. Thanks in part to stellar performances on late night with Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central's Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, and Last Comic Standing. Comedy fans everywhere are enthralled by the Kentucky native's offbeat outlook on life.
Friday - 11:00pm
Sunday - 7:00pm
Comedian Steve Gillespie has multiple TV appearances including CONAN, and Inside Joke on Amazon Prime. his last two comedy albums reached #1 and #2 on the iTunes comedy charts. He also happens to be a real good hang, so find him and say hi!
Sunday - 7:00pm
Julia Desmond is uncomfortable and she will make sure you are, too.
Friday - 11:00pm
Being Irish and gay, Helen Wildy loves rainbows and parades. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Helen weaves her experiences of growing up an immigrant, coming out to her Irish family, and still identifying as a Hanson fan 25 years after it was cool into her witty, sweet, jovial comedy. She’s has performed all over the US and Europe and will be recording her first album with Helium Records in November 2022
Friday - 11:00pm
Sunday - 9:00pm
Josh Day, a New Hampshire native and current Massachusetts resident, has been performing comedy for over 10 years. He began his comedy career after a freak paddle boarding accident left him with a broken neck, paralyzed from the waist up, but was very lucky and regained near full mobility. After having broken his neck, Josh decided it was time to break a leg doing stand-up. Josh enjoys making people laugh away life’s trials and tribulations, if just for a fleeting moment. With a mixture of wordplay, personal stories, off the cuff riffs and self-deprecation, Josh enjoys making crowds laugh, think and leave with good spirits.
Friday - 9:00pm
Brandi Roberts is a comedian based in Raliegh, NC. Her style is witty, raw, and ucanny. She has worked with the comedic styles of Yamaneika Saunders, Ali Siddiq, Jenny Yang, and many others. Brandi quite enjoys the craft and it is evident in her performance.
Sunday - 9:00pm
Since 2013, Tyler Wood has been performing his crisply written stand-up comedy around the country. He has been in several festivals including The Asheville Comedy Festival, Rubber City Comedy Festival, The Cape Fear Comedy Festival, The NC Comedy Festival, and The Cola City Comedy Con. Tyler is a regular at The Goodnights Comedy Club in Raleigh, NC. In addition to performing, he also co produces The Oak City Comedy Festival in Raleigh. He also has his own hot food comedy show, Hot Shots, that he takes to venues all around the south. In addition to touring with his stand-up, he also does voice over work. You can catch him performing at many comic and culture cons around the south including GalaxyCon Raleigh, GalaxyCon Richmond and The Fayetteville Comic Con.
Friday - 11:00pm
Hillary Anger is a comic originally from Brooklyn who is best described as “angry feminist wearing pearls.” In her day job, she is trained as a psychologist and teaches in the business school at Washington University in her adopted home of St. Louis.
Sunday - 9:00pm
Kimberly Daniece a Raleigh, NC comedian, actress, radio personality and co/producer of Brown Sugar Radio on Raleigh’s own Oak93.5. Kimberly has opened shows for several prominent comedians and has been featured on streaming channels such as Tubi and Amazon.
Sunday - 7:00pm
Kasha Patel fills the unknown demand of Indian female comics from West Virginia. Now based in DC, she is a stand-up comedian and writer who focuses her jokes on her life as an Indian-American and science. Founder of the comedy production company DC Science Comedy, Kasha produces and hosts one of the nation’s only frequently occurring science-themed comedy shows where scientists, writers, comedians, and singers grace the stage.
Shane Mauss has a documentary Psychonautics: A comic's exploration of Psychedelics and will be headlining a psychedelic comedy show featuring Myq Kaplan and others.
Sunday - 9:00pm
Ellie’s comedy can be described as “An angry Lesbian that both the gay and straight communities have reservations about.” Her quick wit roasts celebrity, pop culture and society as a whole with a born and bred Southern charm.
Saturday - 11:00pm
Brandy Brown is an Actress and Comedian currently based in North Carolina. If “A little Hippie- A little Hood” with ALOT of quirk was a person you’ve got her! Getting her start in comedy as a theater kid who always found herself “Sorry for partying” which led to her sudden departure from East Carolina to the comedy dwellings of Goodnights Comedy Club where she would get a crash course in all things “Big Comedy”. Catch her as “Kim” in the Comedy Series “This little show of mine” coming this Fall.


Friday - 6:00pm - Opening Ceremony
Sunday - 1:00pm - Closing Ceremony
Two comedians explore their favorite big ideas with absurdity and openness to unravel the meanings of life. After a decade of friendship, collaboration, and philosophical discussions, Shane Mauss and Ramin Nazer turned their conversations into a show that is equal parts thought-provoking, therapeutic, and hilarious.
Friday - 1:00pm
Ramin Nazer interviews mystics, artists, and other creatives about their process. A podcast about life, art, and death.
Saturday - 11:00am
Shane Mauss travels to universities around the world (when there isn't a pandemic) to interview researchers on a journey to learn what makes us who we are… as well as a bunch of other random stuff you never imagined you would care about. Favorite topics include: psychology, biology, evolution, cognitive biases, behavioral economics, mating, animal behavior, neuroscience, entheogens and consciousness.
Sunday - 5:00pm
Welcome to the podcast that explores how being single affords you the freedom to be adventurous, start a business, make art, travel the world, get in shape, or simply sleep in when you want to. Dr. Peter McGraw – behavioral scientist, humor researcher, and bachelor – interviews happy single men and women and assembles advice from leading experts about health, fitness, money, business, travel, fashion, art, leisure, and of course, sex and dating. For the so-called spinster or bachelor, Solo is the resource for people who are happily single (aka the unapologetically unattached).
Friday - 3:00pm
Comedian and human Myq Kaplan (pronounced Mike Kaplan) has conversations with friends about the work of their lives (as represented by broccoli) and the joys of their lives (as represented by ice cream). Everyone has the best time and learns a lot forever. Enjoy!
Saturday - 5:00pm
A podcast where comedians drink and talk about crazy conspiracies. Hosted by Justin Scranton and Shane Smith.


Mindy specializes in chaotic abstract paintings she calls ornaglyphs along with portraits created in a cartoony pop art style.

Ashley Spero creates vibrant, meditative artworks; bubbling with color and pulsating with vibrational energy. She channels ancient-future juju intuitively by layering shapes, archetypes, symbols, and patterns to form a lush, multidimensional web of interwoven everythingness. Spero treats each work as she would a plant; starting with a seed, that radiates out, growing roots and branches. Her work serves as a mirror; a reflection into the viewers own inner web, a window to healing; and a magical portal of pure medicina.

Molly Chopin is a visionary artist exploring the intersection of science and spirituality, and the healing and evolutionary modalities that are born from this intersection. She paints visions on canvases and walls to invite viewers to reflect upon aspects of reality that are usually beyond the realm of physical sight, and to inspire love (for this reality), healing (from the trials of this reality), and resilience (to keep moving through this reality).

Rhianna creates tangible meditations through sacred ritual. Each piece embodies powerful prismatic spiritual moments enchanted with radiant feminine magic. Symbolic of set and setting in which they were crafted, the mandala or dye is a collaboration between myself, the divine, and the world around us!

Lauren Frank is a multimedia artist and graphic designer who specializes in the overlap of the analog and digital worlds through experimentation.

Scientifically, the natural world is built of shapes and patterns on both micro and macro levels. Spiritually, many cultures over time have translated their beliefs through symbolism and story telling. The intricate patterns created reflect life’s tangible twists and turns, relationships, choices, and experiences layered with intangible elements that affect who we are and how we interact with the world around us.

Book Heart First: A Female Psychedelic Call to Adventure
Art n' Soul - Mystical Mixed Media Mosaics

They look like watercolor and ink drawings. They’re actually magnets for love and luck and piles of cash.

I believe there is great beauty in the diversity of forms in people’s faces and the depth of their expressions. When I am working with charcoal, inks, and paints I embrace imperfect lines and visible brushstrokes to retain the spontaneity of the present moment and genuine feeling of the human touch.

Handcrafted crochet and knit clothing and accessories.

Demonstrations and teaching the basics of blacksmithing and bladesmithing.

Born in the formally known as Czechoslovakia, while raised mainly in the United States, through her continual travels between her mother land, USA, and other parts of the world, Baruska's influences, inspirations and motivations vary. Global travels, astral travels, internal/psychological/spiritual travels, they all play one role or another in her creations. Her mission as an Artist is to document what she experiences, sees and interprets to the best of her ability, share it, to then ultimately connect and build bridges with other creative hearts towards a more multi dimensional comprehension of what Life has to offer. Baruska hopes her work not only translates this message, but even more so inspires others to pursue their own goals, dreams, visions and passions. The mission is creativity, authenticity, expression, connection, and service. ~Seek The Center~

Zombie Turtle is an illustrator, he draws horror pop and self publishes original comic books. Zombie Turtle uses images of slime and Pop Art to create his unusual images!

"Soup" Stephen Williamson of Life Is Art Studios Live Visuals - Projection Mapping
Soup has been mixing visuals live to music for over a decade, starting with immersive video domes in 2009 . He sees the computer as a natural extension of human intelligence and a creative gift of our cybernetic reality. Soup has worked with Matoma, Everyone Orchestra, Big Something, Two Friends and many more. He also produced the visual package for Chris Rock's Total Blackout Tour and worked personally with Chris to fine tune them before running Chris’ first three shows after a decade’s hiatus.
He is also a certified meditation teacher in the Dharma Moon system and studies Buddhism one on one with David Nichtern. Soup is an active participant in the Ram Dass community and a full-time seeker. He toured with Thich Nhat Hanh and his monastic community as an invited videographer (at the request of Brother Phap Mann) in 2013.
He founded Life Is Art Studios 10 years ago with TeBo and Lakeside Retreats in 2019 with his father Tom Williamson.
Kathryn Williams crests artwork exploding with geometric shapes and colors. A focus on mandalas and perspective draw the viewer into their work
Kit weaves tapestries of various landscapes using intuitive, meandering techniques (which is fancy for making it up as she goes along). The primary subjects of her weavings include mountains, trees, flowers and lakes. The occasional waterfall will cascade down outside of the borders creating a trailing fringe. The pieces are heavily textured and play with perspective and dimension. They are best viewed up close and are begging to be touched as much as looked at. Kit is terrible at photo documenting her work so bear with her as she attempts to “do Instagram”.
Artist owned and operated apparel and print store. Everything is hand drawn by the artist Zac Bender. Shop hoodies, shirts, beanies, hats, skateboards and more to come!
I'm a Muralist, On Time Herbalizer, Mixer of Elixirs and Coordinator of Buzzes. I'm in my 5th month of Practice with a local NC Beekeeper, advancing toward my own "V Hive" Apiary, in my back yard soon!! Bees Astonishe me. The Art and Science of Honey is a Masterpiece!!! A PERFECTLY Balanced Food Source.
Emily Gail Wimbish is a visionary painter and installation artist based in central NC. Her work often explores themes of mental health, psychedelics, and fantastical realms, and her installations are designed to inspire wonder of spirit and comfort of body for deeper connection with self and others.
Art at the intersection of mindfulness, mental wellness and the emerging frontier known as the psychedelic renaissance.
Nik likes to experiment with digital images for the purpose of either finding unique textures within a 2d form or attempting to explore emotional connotations. He consideres his style as well as the process to be chaotic yet grounded within a visual language based within digital error.
The initial vision behind Feral Fascination was to make Herbal remedies accessible to the community. As the wheels continued to turn, exploring the interconnection of Herbal traditions and rewilding of humanity felt important. I want to share herbal remedies while inspiring people to forage edible plants, tap into their surrounding bioregions, and play in nature. That is the "rewilding" we speak of, unlearning harmful mindsets and relearning what it is to be alive. With this connection and respect, communal resiliency has space to form.


Sunday - 9:00pm
A multi-sensory journey of hypnagogic soundscapes thru the inner realms of reflection and creative inspiration. During the experience, one may encounter sensations of floating, geometric visualization, emotional release, timelessness, a sense of inner peace, unity and oneness. Facilitated by Donovan Moran
Bhavi Yoga - Ambroz Wunder and Amanda Loy
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - 7:00am (Sunrise)
Bhavi Yoga is a decentralized shala that provides guidance for yogis through meditation, breathwork and asana practice.
Ambroz Wunder co-founded Bhavi Yoga after studying at an ashram on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. While there, she studied meditation, Tantra, and The Himalayan Yoga Tradition. Ambroz loves teaching yoga because it gives her the opportunity to share the knowledge that has helped her heal through her life. Ambroz is also an ethnobotanist, psychologist, author, and student of philosophy. As a writer, her work was featured in Duncan Trussell's book ‘Esoterotica’ which was published earlier this year.
Amanda Loy is a psychonaut fit fairy from out of this world pursuing her passions of movement and art through yoga and flow. While inspiring the universe within, she strives to help others bring their ideas to life. She now studies yoga and fitness, and is pursuing a degree in biology. Her fiery personality comes out to play thru dance and movement with various props (like fire!) From fitness, to flow, to art, she believes it is all a form of life expression. Her quest of discovering this expression through life, art, festivals, and wellness drives the many outlets of talents she continues to obtain.
Mushroom Walks - Southern Mushrooms
Saturday - 9:00am
Sunday - 9:00am and 10:00am
Southern Mushrooms is a gourmet mushroom farm providing local ingredients to restaurants and locals in the Savannah, Ga area. We are certified foragers, and want to share our knowledge of safely foraging mushrooms and understanding the taxonomy and characteristics. We will have a sign-up sheet at our booth for Saturday and Sunday morning for a free educational walk through the woods.
Sound Healing - Sara Shaw
Friday - 9:00pm
Saturday at 10:00am
Join me for an enjoyable reset of your energy centers. Relaxing into the sounds of singing bowls and song.
Lady Ray Readings - Taylor Ray Hatfield
Lady Ray Readings provide clarity, guidance, and empowerment for any area of your life, from relationships to business decisions, and always with your highest path in sight. Tarot cards are a divination tool that utilizes archetype sciences and intuitive practices to interpret messages from the powers that be. Wildcrafted plant medicines as well as uniquely nature-centered resin art will be for sale.
Cirque Arts Workshops - gol D. lox Lifestyle
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - 11:00am
My name is Brittney Conklin of gol D. lox Lifestyle I'm offering play therapy in the form of various Cirque Arts Workshops! From flying in the sky on hoops, silks, or even a partner or few, it's a guaranteed phenomenal time. Catch some wind or even waves with friends learning some new skills or just embracing your authentic self & maybe even igniting a new passion. I'll be your host with the most for all of your Aerial & Cirque Art needs for some fun with the MUMs.
Fire Flow and Workshops - Ikigai Flow Collective
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 3:00pm
Bagel: Poi, Staff/Dragon, Hoop
Kirstin: Dragon
Sarah: Single/Double Hoop
Nikki Neptune: Single/Double Hoop
Taylor: Dragon
Rachel: Hoop
Magic is a fiery free spirit, bringing healing and inspiring energy to everything she does! With her bubbly personality and silly nature, she loves to make people laugh and feel at ease; all while being a mirror for them to recognize and remember the magic within themselves. It can be challenging living as an energetic Being in a world where it ain’t always “Good Vibes Only”. Sometimes our personal energy can become unbalanced due to the environment around us. Magic joins us for MUM Fest to offer Reiki; a gentle yet powerful healing energy. Her intention is to help you get back to a more centered self, by guiding you to the awareness of your body and remembering the voice of your inner knowing!
Our mission is to create buildings that foster health, community, and resilience in our world, and to ensure our services are accessible to anyone who would request them, regardless of their financial means. The places we build serve to bring us back into stewardship and communion with the natural world, and to treat home-building as the community-centric activity that it has always been.
Art Installations, Digital Design, Software Development, Fabrication, Immersive Animation. Access to the dome is only for the VIP first 222 Full-Weekend ticket holders!


Meet Up Area


9:00pm - Solo Salon - Hosted by Peter McGraw Are you a proud single? In 18th century France, salons were private gatherings to discuss and debate politics and the emerging sciences. Indeed, this was the Age of the Enlightenment. Salons spread throughout Europe and evolved to include music, poetry, and discussions of art, literature and aesthetics. More than a networking event or singles mixer, The Solo Salon is a modern-day interpretation of the salon that brings together proud singles to connect, learn, and be entertained.


4:00pm - Board Game Meet Up


1:15pm - Lakeside Psilocybin Chat - Hosted by Dan Such Checking in with our approach to using psilocybin. How to develop a collaborative relation with mushrooms to deepen our practice.