Mind Under Matter Campout Festival 2022 Lineup


Desert Honey - Americana

Originally from Arizona, sisters Jade Arrow and Sarah Slade formed Desert Honey in 2019 after moving to middle Tennessee. Debut album The Bard’s Vardo coming soon in 2022!

The Wright Ave - Psychedelic Funk

This quintet’s sound absolutely oozes on the listener, turning rooms into dance floors almost with the first note. Composed of a rhythm and lead guitar, bass, drums, and an eerie viola, the sound is uniquely their own. Born of their region, The Wright Ave., has a little bit for everyone- relatable imagery in their lyrics, 60s psych rock nodes, funk rhythms, shuffles, Appalachian strings, pounding beats, and well worked harmonies.

Slick Mahoneys - Electric Rock

Slick Mahoneys is a Sci-Fi Instrumental Electronic Rock Duo from Wilmington NC featuring Nick Gliarmis on Guitar & Drew Massey on Drums/Samples. This duo is creating it’s on brand of music and leaving crowds wanting more. Established in 2017 and four albums later, this group is constantly putting in the work. They are hitting the festival scene hard this year so be on the lookout and catch them when you can.

Unaka Prong - Jazz Fusion and Soul Rock

Unaka Prong offers a fresh and memorable musical experience that many fans have described as a melding between prog rock groups like King Crimson, jazz funk groups like Soulive, and psychedelic jam rock groups like Phish. Combining odd meters, funky grooves, and earnest lyricism, their latest release, 'Kudzu', reflects the group honing in their songwriting with each stylistic direction.

Julia. - Funk

We are JULIA., and we're here to make you move. Our cause is intergalactic, traveling across the stars themselves aboard the sacred Mothership to bring you our purest funk concoctions - equal parts primal psychedelia, buttery beautiful soul, and greviously groovin riffs that'll make ya mama wanna get up and dance the night away. Guaranteed to bring the funk right to your face.

Rebekah Todd - Cosmic Soul Rock

Based out of North Carolina, Rebekah and her band bring a fresh energy to each performance, which carries fans to a place that can only be described as transcendental and unforgettable. Pulling from a wide range of influences from Hiatus Kaiyote to Tedeschi Trucks Band, Todd focuses on the art of expression, above all else.

Reliably Bad - Funk Pop

Specializing in composing innovative original tunes and arranging funk classics, the band is made up of vocals, sax, trumpet, trombone, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and drums.

Duck - Funky Bluesy Jazz

Playin’ music that’ll make you dance. A little funky, bluesy, jazzy and dirty.

Grace.C.Elliot - Here’s a lil sound hug

Grace produces her own music with her co-producer Tim Sorbs. Together they craft happy accidents and attempt to make sense of the dream state and this waking life through sound.

Braxy - Abstract Hip Hop

Braxy of the Masked Avengers brings a style of music constructed from his experience on this planet. A student of the musical realm since age 12. Drum set led to jazz, which led to punk rock, and then became infused with hip-hop somewhere along the way, pulsating curiosity with every word. With a head fluttering full of thoughts, Braxy paints the audible landscape with his spirit and melody. Stay tuned.


Author of 3 best-selling books.

‘The Evolution of Festivals from Hunter Gatherer to Today’

"Ancestral Cousins Fossil Display"

"Evolutionary Mismatches of Mating in the Modern World"


"The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories"

"Solo Traveling"

"Psychedelic Therapy"

Author of ‘When Plants Dream’

"Emotional Intelligence"


Rhianna creates tangible meditations through sacred ritual. Each piece embodies powerful prismatic spiritual moments enchanted with radiant feminine magic. Symbolic of set and setting in which they were crafted, the mandala or dye is a collaboration between myself, the divine, and the world around us!

Mindy specializes in chaotic abstract paintings she calls ornaglyphs along with portraits created in a cartoony pop art style.

Ashley Spero creates vibrant, meditative artworks; bubbling with color and pulsating with vibrational energy. She channels ancient-future juju intuitively by layering shapes, archetypes, symbols, and patterns to form a lush, multidimensional web of interwoven everythingness. Spero treats each work as she would a plant; starting with a seed, that radiates out, growing roots and branches. Her work serves as a mirror; a reflection into the viewers own inner web, a window to healing; and a magical portal of pure medicina.

Molly Chopin is a visionary artist exploring the intersection of science and spirituality, and the healing and evolutionary modalities that are born from this intersection. She paints visions on canvases and walls to invite viewers to reflect upon aspects of reality that are usually beyond the realm of physical sight, and to inspire love (for this reality), healing (from the trials of this reality), and resilience (to keep moving through this reality).

Lauren Frank is a multimedia artist and graphic designer who specializes in the overlap of the analog and digital worlds through experimentation.

Scientifically, the natural world is built of shapes and patterns on both micro and macro levels. Spiritually, many cultures over time have translated their beliefs through symbolism and story telling. The intricate patterns created reflect life’s tangible twists and turns, relationships, choices, and experiences layered with intangible elements that affect who we are and how we interact with the world around us.

Book Heart First: A Female Psychedelic Call to Adventure
Art n' Soul - Mystical Mixed Media Mosaics

I believe there is great beauty in the diversity of forms in people’s faces and the depth of their expressions. When I am working with charcoal, inks, and paints I embrace imperfect lines and visible brushstrokes to retain the spontaneity of the present moment and genuine feeling of the human touch.

Handcrafted crochet and knit clothing and accessories.

Demonstrations and teaching the basics of blacksmithing and bladesmithing.

Born in the formally known as Czechoslovakia, while raised mainly in the United States, through her continual travels between her mother land, USA, and other parts of the world, Baruska's influences, inspirations and motivations vary. Global travels, astral travels, internal/psychological/spiritual travels, they all play one role or another in her creations. Her mission as an Artist is to document what she experiences, sees and interprets to the best of her ability, share it, to then ultimately connect and build bridges with other creative hearts towards a more multi dimensional comprehension of what Life has to offer. Baruska hopes her work not only translates this message, but even more so inspires others to pursue their own goals, dreams, visions and passions. The mission is creativity, authenticity, expression, connection, and service. ~Seek The Center~

Zombie Turtle is an illustrator, he draws horror pop and self publishes original comic books. Zombie Turtle uses images of slime and Pop Art to create his unusual images!

Adam D. Cohen is a Raleigh, NC-based visual artist who works primarily with the human figure, a shared reference point between artist and audience that allows creative choices to be traced, like the reinterpretation of a familiar song. In the same way that fiction can be truer than fact, he distorts forms and descriptive color until something essential is cracked open and the images take on the quality of memories or dreams.


MAIN STAGE - More Stages Coming Soon



9:30pm - Grace C. Elliot

10:00pm - Braxy

10:30pm - Xylem



11:00am - Live Rainbow Brainskull
4:00pm - Rebekah Todd

6:00pm - Live Mind Under Matter

8:00pm - Desert Honey

10:00pm - Unaka Prong



11:00am - Live Here We Are

12:30pm - Anna Austin Park

2:00pm - Duck

4:00pm - Slick Mahoneys

6:00pm - Reliably Bad

8:00pm - Zach Sherwin

8:30pm - Ben Seidman

10:00pm - The Wright Ave



11:00am - Live Mind Under Matter

4:00pm - Julia.

6:00pm - The Fundamentals

8:00pm - Dan Ariely